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Pooki's Mahi® DECAF Kona Coffee Pods (Sold Out)

Shipping schedule for Pooki's Mahi DECAF Kona Coffee Pods. All orders ship via FREE 2DAY to USA - Lower 48 States, Alaska, Hawaii.



14-June-2019: VIP Customers, coffee subscribers, wholesale coffee club, VIP reseller distributors

21-June-2019: National grocery chains, global retailer chain

28-June-2019: Global marketplaces, orders received through Pooki's Mahi social media channels, resellers.


Inventory Updates:

Pooki's Mahi DECAF Kona coffee pods was sold out in 2018. Founder/CEO made the following changes to DECAF Kona coffee pods: 100% recyclable pods, ships in a newly designed compact packaging, and Fedex 2DAY to USA (Lower 48 States, Alaska, Hawaii). 


Sales Ops

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