I'm an approved Wholesaler selling on Amazon and found a competitor selling Pooki's Mahi's products under the MAP! How do I report an unauthorized wholesaler?

Pooki's Mahi is taking a hands-on role managing the Amazon marketplace for Pooki's Mahi's approved Wholesalers to prevent unauthorized sellers from cannibalizing Pooki's Mahi B2B sales channels and to control the brand.

  • Pooki's Mahi has a suggested MSRP price and a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price).
  • A list of approved business resellers is sent several times per month to marketplaces.  
  • Approved business resellers appear in Pooki's Mahi's Store Locator map.


If you find a competitor that selling Pooki's Mahi's products below the suggested MAP, then:

  1. File a case (on Pooki's Mahi's Customer Success Center).
  2. Attach the screen shot (of the product) with the competitor's logo.  At least have the URL (we need to verify this).
  3. Submit a complaint to Amazon via Amazon's Infringement form.


While the above steps are taken, Pooki's Mahi will require the business in question to:

  1. Submit the approved Wholesale Letter. All approved Wholesalers receive an official "Welcome" notification.
  2. Email the Amazon Order # (if the product was allegedly purchased).
  3. Email the corresponding Pooki's Mahi Order #
  4. Email the corresponding Pooki's Mahi packing slip #
  5. The Fulfillment Center the product shipped from (with the RFID tag if included)


Pooki's Mahi will flag the business to Amazon's Leadership Team (~5-6 different leads/contacts).

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