I am a Pooki's Mahi PR & Media Partner. what am I expected to deliver and when?

Pooki's Mahi PR & Media Partners are responsible for:

  1. Agree to the Ground Rules.
  2. Esign the PR & Media Agreement agreeing to the specific deliverables.
  3. Provide the required quotes, videos or 1-5 sentences describing the partnership with Pooki's Mahi.
  4. Focus on the improved areas and provide metrics.
  5. Agree to copyright sharing for all videos.
  6. Provide the official "About (name of partner)."  If this is not provided, then Pooki's Mahi will use what is published online via a company page, social media footprint, etc.  Too bad if it has incorrect info.
  7. Provide the required deliverables in no later than 3-5 days prior to the target press release go live (launch) date.
  8. Provide a calendar of events spanning 18 months.  The expectation is to update the Events Calendar every quarter (3 months).  


Pooki's Mahi is not in the business to professionally nag (project manage) existing PR & Media partner for schedules.  Existing PR & Media partners are actively engaged, directly connected to Pooki's Mahi's CEO (via Facebook) and collaborate on upcoming events and marketing opportunities.

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