What is Pooki's Mahi's philosophy and policy regarding "Freshness Guaranteed?"

Pooki's Mahi takes great pride in selecting the finest products available.

  1. If for some reason, the customer is not satisfied with the purchase, a refund may be requested.  
  2. Unfortunately, Pooki's Mahi does not accept returns of perishable items. 
  3. Pooki's Mahi cannot send a replacement, credit or refund for the purchase until the product is back received by Pooki's Mahi's Fulfillment/Returns team and system. 
  4. If the product does not arrive in good condition to return to stock, then Pooki's Mahi will not be able to send a replacement, credit or refund for the purchase.

Wrap the package well, include the return form found on the back of the packing list/invoice enclosed in your order and ship it to Pooki's Mahi at the address in the packing slip.  Remember to insure it for full value. Shipping charges are not refundable.

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