I want to save money. How do I sign up for the a Wholesale 15% account?

Create an account on Pooki's Mahi's Account page.  Include your name, address and email.  This is required to ship your products.  All accounts are reviewed at the end of each week.  You'll receive a Pooki's Mahi Wholesale 15% Account Activation email with a link to activate the account.  Activate the account.  The next time you log into the account "Wholesale" will appear next to the prices, and description of the product (at check out).


  1. Pooki's Mahi is improving the Wholesale 15% Program onboarding process and will roll out a new process soon. 
  2. New business customers will be required to fill out the appropriate form.  
  3. Repeat customers will also be required to fill out a form; however it will not require the Tax ID, Business Resellers Permit and Certificate of Insurance.
  4. Wholesale Reseller Customers referred by one of Pooki's Mahi's approved Wholesale Partners will not be required to fill out a form; Pooki's Mahi team will use the information receive from the Wholesale Partner.  Wholesalers will be required to verify the Tax ID and/or Business Resellers Permit and/or Certificate of Insurance.

Pooki's Mahi's execs upgrade accounts to Wholesale 15% twice per month.

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