Are Pooki's Mahi's teas organic?

Pooki's Mahi stands by our coffee, tea, rock sugar and specialty food suppliers. Pooki's Mahi's tea ingredients are certified organic. 

Pooki's Mahi's teas are rigorously tested for food safety and comply with US and EU regulations. The EU has stricter pesticide standards than the US and it also has test laboratories that detect pesticides at lower levels than US labs. The only way to ensure that teas are pesticide free, whether Camellia sinensis or herbal, is to buy certified organic teas or tisanes. The ingredients are certified organic and are packed in facilities that are certified organic.  If Pooki's Mahi switches the supplier, then we do will only state the ingredients that are organic. 

Pooki's Mahi's blends are not certified organic and undergo strict quality procedures. Washing/cleaning/sorting is one of the early processes for raw agricultural products. Each ingredient (tea, herbs, dried fruits, flowers, spices and other plant ingredients have to be processed and tested according to good manufacturing practices before blending and packing to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the product. All tea ingredients are tested before blending and packaging. All quality, food safety and toxicological safety are ensured in compliance with US pesticide regulations.

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