What is considered unprofessional behavior?

Pooki's Mahi will end any collaboration, working relationships and report individuals to the Scam and Anti-Phishing organizations if these behaviors are exhibited:

  1. An individual claims to be a Social Media expert, then we'll have Pooki's Mahi's network review credentials.  Why aren't your social media presence more powerful than Pooki's Mahi?
  2. Collaboration effort (between Pooki's Mahi and PR & Media Lead) becomes a selling segment that is infomercial (30 minutes to educate about a product) or a talk show.
  3. Paying into a TV broadcast or segment (payment).  Why is payment required for Pooki's Mahi's Founder/CEO to talk about the company?
  4. Over the top aggressive communication such as following up multiple times a day, a week, etc. so Pooki's Mahi's Founder/CEO is forced to pay a bogus fee for any service.
  5. The hurry up and wait without a clear reason to the aggressive schedule.
  6. Any type of entitlement, free loader, know-it-all attitude.
  7. Refusal to provide reference checks.
  8. Refusal to provide the entire organization's data on digital marketing channels, impressions, customer journey, existing customer base profile, case study clients, repeat clients, etc.


Examples - Actual conversations:

  1. "Give me free product so I can place you in X, Y, Z TV commercials, events."  See Ground Rules #4 (Qualified Retail Distributors).
  2. "I'll write an article about you if you give me free product."  See Ground Rules #4 (Qualified Retail Distributors).
  3. "If you give me free product, then I can get you introduced into the big retail stores."  See Ground Rules #6 (Pooki's Mahi's 2 existing partners; this is a SCAM and Pooki's Mahi will report you!).
  4. Any PR Agreement/Contract that provides false advertisement or requirements.
  5. "You're not allowed to write a press release on X because the news is not official."  If a photo, story is available online and Pooki's Mahi's teams can land, verify, confirm the photo, then the story is public.
  6. "I refuse to provide reference checks.   You'll just have to trust me."
  7. "You need to pay me money now. I can't provide the data on existing customers, viewers, scripts, success rate.  Why can't I speak to Pooki's Mahi's VP, Marketing?  Why do I have to talk to Pooki's Mahi's CEO?  The CEO is damn strict."  


Any threat to invalidate an agreed to contract or SOW (Statement of Work) between Pooki's Mahi and the individual/company is considered Unprofessional Behavior #6.

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    Pooki's Mahi Wholesale

    We should add a specific section on excessive multiple calls. 3 calls a day or even 1 call per day for 1 week is excessive. Build it into the RFI/RFP process. Terminate ANY partner who exhibits this unprofessional behavior. No one wants to work with a professional nag.