What are the ground rules for PR (Press Release) & Media members?

Pooki's Mahi implemented these ground rules to curtail the unprofessional behavior.  These ground rules are non-negotiable and are in effect and are updated regularly.


  1. All Pooki's Mahi press releases follow a strict template with a planned content flow, schedule and deliverables.  No surprises.  Pooki's Mahi will launch a press release without the partner's deliverables.
  2. All Pooki's Mahi videos copyrights are owned by Pooki's Mahi.
  3. Videos are limited to 2-3 minutes (total playing time).  Videos from partners are limited to 15-30 seconds if included in Pooki's Mahi press release.
  4. All Pooki's Mahi's press release topics focus on Pooki's Mahi's products, partnerships and executives (specifically Founder/CEO Les Magsalay-Zeller).
  5. Pooki's Mahi is not in the business to write press releases for a partner.  90% of the press release content is Pooki's Mahi specific.  Partners can pay for their own press release.
  6. The About (Name of Partner) should be the only area focused on the partner.
  7. Pooki's Mahi does not require the partner to create a press release to talk about Pooki's Mahi. It is up to the partner to write, submit and pay for their own press release.
  8. All Pooki's Mahi's press releases are written by Pooki's Mahi's press team and reviewed/approved by Les Magsalay-Zeller, Pooki's Mahi's Founder/CEO to ensure consistent messaging.
  9. Esign Pooki's Mahi's Ground Rules before starting any press release collaboration.  Ensures Pooki's Mahi's partners understand the ground rules and working boundaries.
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