How do I return a product I bought on

There two ways to purchase Pooki's Mahi's products on Amazon.

  1. Option 1:  Pooki's Mahi - merchandised by Pooki's Mahi
  2. Option 2:  Pooki's Mahi - merchandised/sold by a Pooki's Mahi distributor


Instructions:  Returning items purchased on Pooki's Mahi's Amazon store:

  1. Visit the return center to create a return merchandise authorization
  2. Print the returns slip and the shipping label
  3. Include the returns slip inside the box and affix the shipping label to the box
  4. Ship package
  5. You will receive email confirmation when the refund is processed.


Note:  Most items are fulfilled by Pooki's Mahi's Fulfillment team.  A Ship and Sold By Pooki's Mahi next to price.  We cannot assist Amazon with processing returns for products not fulfilled by Pooki's Mahi's Fulfillment Team. 

  • Example #1:  If a product was purchased via Amazon Prime, then Pooki's Mahi will not assist with processing the return.
  • Example #2:  If a product was purchased with a Ship and Sold by Amazon, then Pooki's Mahi will not assist with processing the return.


Customers should follow the instructions above to return the items.

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