What are the requirements to be a Pooki's Mahi distributor?

Pooki's Mahi's Distributor (up to) 40% program is open to qualified businesses that want to sell or distribute Pooki’s Mahi’s products.  Businesses save up to 40% on all products.  The average distributor order is $85K USD.  The average distributor order for pallets of single serves is $25K USD.  There are two options to qualify:

Option 1:  Qualified businesses referred through an approved Pooki’s Mahi’s Distributor Partner.  Businesses send required documentation(s) and pass the qualification process.

Option 2:  Upgraded from Wholesale Preferred 20% program based on sales.

Minimum order requirements:  1-2 pallets per SKU/product

Opening (and repeat) order: 

  1. Single Serves:  384 units per 1 SKU/product.  No mixing/matching of SKUs (intermingling).


Reseller Requirements:  Tax ID, DUNS Number, Business Resellers Permit, Certificate of Insurance, business name, address, phone number, email address, and website.

Distributor Requirements:  Approved reseller selling $85K per month of Pooki's Mahi single serves for two years.


Pooki’s Mahi’s Wholesale Team creates the Distributor 40% Account.  Pooki's Mahi reserves the right to terminate agreements with distributors that flunk the score card, fail to abide to Pooki's Mahi's Zero Tolerance Policy or refuses to pay up front for any order.

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