I'm a customer and I'd like to leave a customer review. What are the ground rules?

Customers may write a review or comment, please follow these guidelines: 


  1. Focus only on the product you are reviewing and your actual experience using the product.
  2. Focus on the product's packaging.
  3. Provide specific details about what you did and did not like about a product or recipe.
  4. Your review should not address customer service, shipping or purchasing matters. 
  5. Photos submitted with a review should be of, or related to, the product being reviewed.  Photos of the reviewer, reviewer's children, pets or scenery will not be posted.
  6. Videos submitted with a review should feature a specific Pooki's Mahi product.  Submitted videos must be the property of the reviewer.7.


We will not post a review that contains any of the following: 

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Links to websites (unless it displays the actual review)
  • Reviewer's full (first and last) names
  • Other contact information
  • Any form of harassment (bullying, extreme snark-asm, curse words, "out to get" the founder/execs of Pooki's Mahi, "talking down" about the product, etc.)
  • Spam (as deemed by the ecommerce platform and legal team)


We may not post a review that contains references to competitors, other products, prices, advertisements or offers.

Reviews containing inappropriate language, spam content or overly critical comments about another review or reviewer will not be posted.

Product reviews will not be posted on our website if the reviewer does not have personal experience using the product.  As stated above, if you would like to share feedback on the ordering and shipping process, your customer-service experience, or our product selection and pricing, please use the Contact form to send us a note; including this type of feedback in your review may prevent it from being posted.


In summary - keep the reviews clean (no foul language, please) and professional. Pooki's Mahi's execs works hard to improve products so the quality is consistent.  High quality products keeps Pooki's Mahi's repeat customers coming back!

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